The non-tackle heard 'round the world

JenkinsIRVING, Texas -- The fact that Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins can joke about his non-attempt to tackle former Giants running back Derrick Ward is probably a good sign. At one point, it must've seemed like the play would define his career. Ward was racing toward the end zone with only Jenkins standing in his way, and at the last minute, the Cowboys' cornerback darted in the opposite direction. For folks who thought the Cowboys were a soft team in '08, Jenkins' non-tackle provided important evidence. But here's what Jenkins is saying now:

"At first, it was a hassle, but as I worked out and went through the offseason, it definitely became a motivation,” said Jenkins, who still struggles to get the play out of his head. “Every week I try to make big hits. Sometimes I knock myself out trying to overdo it. But it’s definitely a motivator."

Fortunately for Jenkins, Ward now plays for the sad-sack Bucs. And the Giants suddenly have an anemic running game with Brandon Jacobs and Danny Ware, so maybe Jenkins won't have to concern himself with run support.