Richard Sherman has what Cowboys would want, but deal is close to 'never'

Tensions still brewing over Seahawks' Super Bowl loss (4:53)

Seth Wickersham joins OTL to explore the dynamic in the Seahawks' locker room and why All-Pro CB Richard Sherman believes that Malcolm Butler's goal-line interception in the Super Bowl was the beginning of the end of Seattle's potential dynasty. (4:53)

FRISCO, Texas -- In a fascinating story written by Seth Wickersham about the relationship between Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks, the Pro Bowl cornerback told friends he allowed himself to imagine playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Naturally, it has Cowboys fans wondering about that as well, which is why it is the subject of this week’s Twitter mailbag.

So this question also includes Darrelle Revis, but we’ll cut to the chase: not interested. At least that’s what I’ve been told more than a few times from folks inside the Cowboys’ organization. Revis isn’t the player he was a couple of years ago.

But Sherman is a different situation. He’s 29. He has not missed a game in his career. He is productive (30 interceptions). He would bring an attitude and bravado to a defense that has been solid.

Contractually, anything is possible. Sherman is set to make $11.4 million this year and $11 million in 2018 before he becomes a free agent. The Cowboys can absorb Sherman’s base salaries without needing to do anything to their salary cap once they gain the $14 million in space from Tony Romo’s contract when the quarterback’s release becomes official on June 2. They could look to extend Sherman’s contract if they wanted as well and lower his cap figures.

Stephen Jones likes to say player acquisition is 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. He also likes to say, “Never say never.” This falls into the “never say never” category when you’re actually saying never. Well, not never, but put the possibility of it happening at 1 percent.

Nobody wants to listen, but the Cowboys have made their intentions clear in free agency: They will not pay big money. The same holds true for a potential trade. If they are going to pay significant money to anybody, it will be to players they know.

If not, then the stars have to align and everything must be in their favor.

The Cowboys just drafted four defensive backs, including three cornerbacks -- Chidobe Awuzie in the second round, Jourdan Lewis in the third and Marquez White in the sixth. They also have second-year cornerback Anthony Brown. Will any of them be as good as Sherman is right now? Maybe. Maybe not. And given how good Sherman has been, it’s more the "maybe not" part.

Sherman would bring a lot to the Cowboys defense, especially when you look at the receivers with the New York Giants (Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard) and Philadelphia Eagles (Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, Jordan Matthews).

He would bring a pedigree and fearlessness to the defense as well. He has helped make Seattle's defense one of the best in the NFL for the last few years. He’s not alone, by any stretch, but he is the face of that defense.

Some will view Sherman as a final puzzle piece of sorts, and knowing how badly Jerry Jones wants to win a Super Bowl, wouldn’t they go after him? It would have made more sense for the Seahawks to do something during the draft so they could find a replacement. It would have made more sense for the Cowboys to do it then too.

Sherman will play at AT&T Stadium this season, but just once when the Seahawks visit on Dec. 24.