Portis could miss Raiders game, too

NEW YORK -- Redskins running back Clinton Portis will travel to Pittsburgh on Monday to be examined by concussion specialists from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. It's the same process that Eagles running back Brian Westbrook went through following his second concussion in a three-game span.

Portis has still been experiencing some dizziness stemming from a concussion that he suffered three weeks ago against the Falcons. But coach Jim Zorn is refusing to rule him out for the Raiders game next weekend.

"I'm not going to say that," Zorn said. "If they can clear him, he'll get right back into it. And that'll be the test, because they'll be the ones that ask him. And as they work through all the issues, if he comes back then we can get him out [on the practice field]."

But no matter how optimistic Zorn remains, I have a hard time thinking Portis will travel back to Redskins Park on Wednesday and be ready for contact Sunday. And by the way, I'd like to see a little more of Quinton Ganther. Thought he looked pretty good in limited time against the Eagles.