Wednesday Beastlines: Cowboys-Redskins edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The following links will help you make a strong showing at the watercooler Wednesday. We've read every major newspaper and blog this morning, so you won't have to. If your independent blog isn't receiving enough play on the Beast, shoot me an e-mail. My apologies to the fine folks at 700level.com. You'll be in the rotation from here on out:



  • Jim Zorn talked about what he did during the bye week on his weekly radio show (thanks to D.C. Sports Bog). In the past, Zorn has been part of a group that rides bikes with President Bush:

"[George W. Bush has] kind of got the ultimate courses. You know, I'm not the only one there, it's not a duo. There's a group that he has ridden with over the years, and it's quite a group of experienced riders, and I'm a very small part of it. And he's there to work out and I'm there to work out, and it's been good. But I got to ride several times over the week, and you can get a lot done over a short period of time when you're on a bike on a single-track trail.

"You know what, in this area there are some tremendous trails. They're not that difficult to find, but you want to have the right equipment when you go out, and it's a real thrill to be out in the state of Virginia. Even on the Maryland side there's some tremendous opportunity to, you know, to get on the dirt."

That's right, folks. Even on the Maryland side.

  • Sorry I forgot to share this Michael Wilbon column with you last week. Some strong opinions about the game-day atmosphere at FedEx Field.

  • I have to break away for an hour or two to write a Joe Gibbs column. Thanks in advance for your patience.