ESPN The Mag: In Vick's own words

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick showed up at No. 13 on ESPN The Magazine's list of the top 100 stories of the year. In a story from the Dec. 14 issue, Vick opens up about what it's like to have transitioned from prison to the NFL.

Here's an excerpt from Vick's story -- as told to David Fleming:

There have been plenty of times in practice and a couple of times in games when I felt it all coming back. I still feel like I can do almost anything on the field, and I want the people and players around me to take that and feel like that too. I think that's why we won when I was in Atlanta. I'm looking forward to going back to the Georgia Dome. I may not do much. I may not even play in the game. But just having the opportunity to be there and maybe have a chance to talk to the Falcons owner, Mr. Blank, before the game -- that would be a great thing for me. I spent many a Sunday making that crowd go wild, and I appreciate all those fans. They were great. Man, I miss them days.

But now it's time for the second half of my career. I was a dynamic player before I left the game, and I will be again. Every day I'm making progress. It might be baby steps, but I'm getting there. I feel like that old swagger is coming back, and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. Guys come up to me after games. They give me their blessing and let me know they're in my corner and if I ever need anything to just reach out to them. I tell them, "All I need is your support." I will do the rest.

Vick returns to the place where he began his NFL career Sunday. Something tells me that Andy Reid will make sure that he gets a couple more touches than usual. I think he knows how important it is for Vick to show Falcons fans that he truly has changed his ways. That may not be much solace for a fan base that worshipped the player, but I think it's another step in Vick's comeback.