Power Rankings Report: The Beast roars

It looks like the Giants and Eagles are trying to put the NFC East back on top in the power rankings. Our four esteemed panelists have shown the Beast great respect this week and they could've been a lot tougher on the Cowboys. Let's take a look at where the four NFC East teams were ranked:

8. Eagles -- Philly rose three spots in the rankings after a dominating win over the Falcons. I think they're better than the Packers (No. 7) but that's probably close to a push. John "The Professor" Clayton and Paul Kuharsky of AFC South both had the Eagles at No. 9. Kuharsky and Clayton both had the Cowboys still ranked in front of the Eagles.

10. Cowboys -- I thought the Cowboys were probably too high at No. 7 last week, so I don't have a problem with the Giants loss docking them three spots. As we mentioned, Kuharsky and Clayton rushed to the Cowboys' defense. Perhaps they believe Wade Phillips' theory that reporters have fabricated his December record.

12. Giants -- The Giants rose three spots from last week and Kuharsky tried to move them up to No. 11. It shows how much respect that the voters have for the Giants that they never let that awful stretch drop them out of sight.

27. Redskins -- I'm not sure why you would drop the Redskins a spot after they almost knocked off an undefeated team, but it's not worth getting worked up over. Once you get into the 20s, it's sort of a crapshoot.

Kuharsky is bullish on the Beast, giving them an average ranking of 13.75. He has the NFC East just behind his beloved AFC South. And Clayton was right behind him, giving the Beast an average ranking of 14.0. It looks like the NFC East and AFC South will fight it out the rest of the season for division supremacy. The NFC North has fallen off the pace -- despite the fact that the Packers are on a roll. Having the Lions and Bears around doesn't help anything.

Either the Giants or Eagles will move up a couple of spots last week because they play each other. And the Cowboys could move up two or three spots with a win over No. 4 San Diego on Sunday.

I'll be in the Meadowlands again to witness Giants-Eagles. Should be fun.