Skins have new starting RB

Since joining the team before the Denver game last month, Redskins running back Quinton Ganther has looked impressive at times. Now, we'll get an extended look at Ganther since he's replaced Rock Cartwright as the team's starter.



Coach Jim Zorn finally got around to confirming the decision Wednesday, but it appears that the players knew it was coming. At this point, I think it's a good move to find out about some of these young players. The Redskins know that Rock Cartwright is an excellent special-teams player and a tremendous leader. But there's really no reason to keep running him out there as the starting running back.

From what I've seen, Ganther has some nice quickness and he's also able to run with a little power. If he finishes the year strong, he could be in the mix heading into the 2010 season. Of course, he'll have to prove himself to a whole new regime, but at least other teams will be able to see what he can do. Ganther's taking his promotion in stride:

"I'm not putting up any numbers, anything spectacular," said Ganther. "I'm just doing what's asked of me. Those are not any numbers. To the outside world it might be, but me, I'm always gonna hold myself to a higher standard. I haven't done anything, so I don't want the attention. I don't want the praise. I haven't done nothing."

OK, thanks for your patience this morning. I'm working on a column that will be published this afternoon.