Giants hope to 'beat up' Eagles

Giants defenders have spent the week trying to explain why they were gashed in the running game by the Eagles last month. Safety Michael Johnson, who said he expects to play with a groin injury, provided the following explanation:

"Probably somebody out of the wrong gap," he told reporters in the Meadowlands on Friday. "If the defense was supposed to be gap-sound, somebody was in the wrong gap. The ball might pop, but we will just chase them down and make them snap it again. Hopefully our defense will hold up. We didn’t play physical enough. This time we will go out there and play a lot more physical. Try to intimidate one-on-one every play. One-on-one battles every play. Try to beat them up. Play aggressive the whole game and win the physical battle."

By the way, it's 29 degrees (feels like 15) in East Rutherford, N.J., this afternoon. And there are winds gusting up to 35-mph. Oh, and Tom Coughlin made his players practice outside. You have to love the approach. The team just built a gorgeous new indoor facility -- and they're out practicing in the elements. I remember that Brian Billick used to receive a lot of criticism in Baltimore for refusing to practice outdoors when you knew the Ravens were going to play games in awful weather.