Who's the Cowboys' No. 1 wide receiver?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The moment has finally arrived. A Dallas columnist is asking Terrell Owens to gracefully accept a lesser role on the team. Honestly, it's hard to believe T.O. could play less of a role than he already has.

Dallas Morning News columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor says it's time for offensive coordinator Jason Garrett to make Roy Williams the focal point of the offense. Never mind that Williams and Tony Romo have combined for a whopping one game together.

I agree that T.O. has performed below expectations this season, but the Cowboys can't afford to give up on him -- before this offseason. He and Romo must dial up some of the magic they discovered in 2007. It's not realistic to expect Romo and Williams to find instant chemistry. Williams can be a big-play threat, but he's not someone who will finish the season with a string of 100-yards games.

Tight end Jason Witten is Romo's favorite option, but Witten has been limited with broken ribs. T.O. may have aged overnight -- as Taylor suggests -- but it's more likely that teams have just caught up with how to defend him. It's hard for me to agree with T.O. on this "blame the system" storyline, but Garrett should definitely bear some of the blame for T.O.'s pedestrian numbers.

I predict a big game coming from T.O. Seeing his old team should bring back positive memories. Maybe he'll even pose on the star again if he scores.