Toomer discusses Plaxico situation

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Do you feel you are more valuable to the team now than ever?

I don't really know if I am more valuable. I just try to go out and do my job. That is really not a decision that is up to me. I just do my job and figure out where I kind of fit in.

Have you had any talks with the Giants about renewing your contract or getting a new one?

No, I haven't. Not that I know of. I haven't spoken to my agent in a couple of weeks just because I just haven't spoken to him. I don't know, maybe they have had some talks, but I don't know. This time of year I just want to focus on playing and with everything else, let the chips fall where they may, so to speak.

Would you like to remain a New York Giant for your entire career?

I would, I know it would be great and I really love it in New York and all that stuff, but it is a business and I just hope it all works out and makes sense for both parties.

Does your role in the offense change at all when Plaxico Burress is not on the field?

No, because I play the opposite side so it does not really affect me as much. I don't play the position he plays.

Is it as simple as you guys run the plays the same and Domenik Hixon steps in for Burress or is there more of an emphasis of throwing the ball to a different direction?

Not to us. Every weekend, every week, the game plan is different, so I really wouldn't even notice if anything was changed in a different direction. I think we kind of do what we do and whoever is in there is whoever is in there.

Do you see it as a coincidence that the two weeks you didn't have Burress out there as much, the opposing teams were stacking up against the run game?

Honestly I don't think it has as much to do with Plaxico, I think it has a lot to do that for the three weeks in a row we ran for 300 yards and it is pretty hard to come back when you are trying to game plan a team and they are running for 300 yards three weeks in a row, or four weeks, I can't remember how many weeks it was, that is something you have to stop because when you run the ball you control the clock, you control the game, you set the tempo, and you wear down the defense and it is hard to win when you get out-rushed.

If this thing with Burress lingers for weeks could it become a hindrance to the team?

I don't think it would be a hindrance. I think our team is a very resilient bunch. We have a lot of competitive guys that really want to win and I think it is showing every Sunday when it doesn't matter what happens when we get on the field on Sunday that is kind of our chance to really prove to everybody the type of team that we really are.

If it was left up to the players themselves, do you think you guys would want Plaxico back with you?

That is not a decision that any of us could make. I really don't want to get into speculation. I haven't polled the locker room so I couldn't even begin to give you a responsible answer.

Have you or any of your teammates had a chance to talk to Plaxico?

I haven't talked to him. I haven't had a chance to speak to him. I know some people have, I haven't, so I didn't really ask if they talked to him, but they kind of talked about just general types of things.

Have you or any of the other team leaders addressed the team as a whole or talked to the players about how to deal with off the field problems, how to go forward, or just talk overall about what players are talking to each other about?

Honestly mostly we are talking about our situation, our playoff situation. We are trying to secure a playoff spot and trying to get homefield advantage throughout and that is the only thing that is really on our minds. Everything else is just that, it is a distraction. Things have happened this season, but we still have to go out there and perform. It is what we are paid to do and we enjoy it.

How have your skills changed? Do you still feel you are the deep threat that you were in your youth?

Yeah. I think I can do everything that I did when I was younger. I think going through yoga and doing a lot of the stuff that I do in the offseason has definitely helped me out a lot because there were a couple of years there where my flexibility wasn't as good as it is now and I felt it on the field so I think as I go through my routine, so to speak, it has enabled me to do a lot of the same things that I have done. I think the experience actually helps me as well because I think I am doing pretty well.

If you do have to go without Plaxico the rest of the way are you confident in being able to do that?

I think that we have played really well this year as a unit and I think there are a lot of people out there on our team that are playing really well and I don't think that will change regardless of who is in there.

Is there any sense of disappointment in the locker room?

No. I think there are a lot of people thinking that it is unfortunate, the whole situation, just because he is a guy that everybody on the team likes and everybody wants him around and stuff like that, but it is just an unfortunate situation with people making mistakes and we can't really do too much about it.

What exactly does the NFL do in the off-season programs or training camp in regard to giving you presentations on safety?

They give us like a pretty... probably about an hour or hour and a half lecture on what is going on and they give us a whole bunch of phone numbers if we need any help and things of that type of nature. I think it is pretty helpful. I don't know many people that have run into too many problems so I guess they are trying to be proactive and handle the situation as best they can.

Is there any trade secret of keeping yourself out of trouble off the field? Why have you been so successful at doing that and do you have any advice for your teammates that have not?

I don't really have any advice. I don't know. I couldn't answer that. That is a very tough question to answer. Why have I not gotten in trouble? I didn't think it was that hard not to get in trouble.

Have you taken any conscious steps in order to avoid situations that could be troublesome?

I don't really go out that much. I don't really hang out that much at night in the city as much as I did when I was younger and even when I was younger I really didn't enjoy that type of thing as much, so I don't know. I guess that is it.

Do you want to play next year?

I definitely want to play next year. No question.