Dawkins stops by Eagles' locker room

PHILADELPHIA -- Wearing a black fedora and white shoes, Broncos safety Brian Dawkins dropped by the Eagles' locker room after the game to visit with his former teammates. One by one, players walked over to hug one of the most beloved players in club history.

Dawkins led the Broncos with eight tackles, but had some rough moments in his team's 30-27 loss to the Eagles. His questionable illegal contact penalty kept an early Philly drive going. And even though he knows the Eagles' offense as well as anyone, Dawkins appeared to be victimized in coverage a couple times and he missed a tackle on LeSean McCoy. Eagles running back Brian Westbrook praised Dawkins for being a mentor in his life, but that didn't prevent Dawkins from spearing Westbrook in the back at one point in the game.

As expected, Dawkins' introduction before the game was emotional. He did a forward somersault and then did a back roll before popping onto his feet. Eagles fans gave Dawkins a standing ovation as he finally joined Denver on the sideline. After the game, Dawkins didn't have a lot to say to reporters.

"Too many mistakes," Dawkins said. "Too many mistakes. We were doing things at the wrong time. Anytime you make mistakes against a good football team, you come up a little short. That’s what we did today. We handed them a lot of things. Give them credit, but we opened up a lot of doors. We had way too many communications mistakes back there."

Here's what Donovan McNabb said about Dawkins: "The thing about Dawkins is that every time he touches the field, he is going to give you everything that he has. In just communicating with the rest of the Broncos, you know they are very excited with what he presented over there from a leadership standpoint and also from a play making ability. I have had the opportunity to see it for 10 years and I know exactly what they are talking about. He made some plays for them today, just for me being out on the field with tackles, assists and thing of that nature. But we had to find a way to win."