Does Reid think T.O.'s absence helped Romo?

IRVING, Texas -- As Eagles fans know, coach Andy Reid isn't exactly the most electrifying quote in the league. He normally speaks in a series of time-honored phrases such as, "We've got to do a better job there."

But speaking to the Valley Ranch press corps Wednesday via conference call, Reid cut loose with some rare insight. He was asked for his opinion on why Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo seems to be a better leader this season.

"It's obvious he's a leader of the offense," said Reid. "Not that he wasn't before, but there were a couple of distractions there and he doesn't have any of that. He's playing great football."

Hold it there one minute, Andy. What "distractions" would you be referring to? Could it be a certain wide receiver who spent some time on the Eagles' roster earlier this decade?

"I think it was that hole in the dome," Reid deadpanned, referring to Texas Stadium.

When a reporter alertly asked whether Donovan McNabb grew as a leader when certain "distractions" left town, Reid responded, "Well, we didn't have the hole in the dome."

Now that's a classic exchange with one of the most guarded head coaches in the league. And if Reid's referring to T.O. (wink, wink), then it's a fair point. I just wrote an 1,100-word column on Romo's December rise and only mentioned T.O. once.

But I think Romo's now the unquestioned leader of this offense, which supports the point that Reid seemed to be making.