Romo: I'm not giving up on Roy

Speaking to reporters at Valley Ranch on Thursday, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo lent his support to wide receiver Roy Williams, saying that he would not stop throwing in his direction. Of course, recent numbers suggest that Romo has already decided to lean on other receivers, which is quite understandable given Williams' penchant for dropping balls this season.

"No one has lost any confidence in Roy," Romo said Thursday. "Roy is going to be a huge part of this going forward. He knows that. Hopefully, we're all going to have some good football ahead of us."

Meanwhile, ESPN's Ed Werder has delivered a strong piece on Williams this week. He thinks Jerry Jones' refusal to admit his mistake with Williams and Wade Phillips' belief that the wide receiver should receiver an "E" for effort could undermine the Cowboys in the playoffs. And Werder brings up another strong point. Here, I'll let him say it:

"Not only has Williams' ineptitude provided Austin the opportunity to become the Cowboys' most feared offensive player, but Jones is already confronting the reality that Austin is seeking $10 million a season to sign a long-term contract extension, according to league sources," writes Werder. "Unless the Cowboys remove Williams and his guaranteed money from the roster, they are going to be taking an indefensible position on negotiations with Austin.

"Austin is the player Roy Williams was supposed to be. Meanwhile, Williams is trying to avoid becoming the next Sam Hurd, a wide receiver whose career is devoted to covering kickoffs."

Hey, let's not drag poor Sam into this. He's an undrafted player who's doing a superb job on special teams. I don't think Williams can fill that role, either. But strong work by Mr. Werder, as always.