The Mosley Halftime Report

Here are some quick observations from the first half of Eagles-Cowboys:

  • The Cowboys set the tone early when Marion Barber had 58 yards rushing on the first drive. The Cowboys have been the most physical team by far and they've played with more sense of urgency.

  • The Eagles are trying to drop a linbacker into coverage to guard against the quick slants to Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton -- and it's not working. Austin and Crayton have been open almost every time Tony Romo has looked in their direction.

  • Donovan McNabb looks gun-shy to me. He took some hits early and he's now rushing everything. He threw it behind Jeremy Maclin when he was wide open. Then he missed DeSean Jackson on a deep ball when the receiver was five yards behind Terence Newman.

  • The Eagles have trailed at halftime four times coming into this game. They lost all four of those games.

  • I blame that fumble as much on Donovan McNabb as I do Nick Cole. Is it that hard to bend over a little and catch a low snap?