Wrap-up: Vikings 44, Giants 7

All the good will that Tom Coughlin built with a Super Bowl title two years ago is all but gone. It's not like his job is in jeopardy, but the Giants' final two performances of the season were a disgrace. The Vikings had been fading down the stretch but the Giants' once-proud defense offered the perfect pick-me-up.

Brett Favre torched the Giants' secondary and once again we saw a bunch of missed tackles. We'll see if Coughlin makes immediate changes to his defensive staff. I wouldn't be surprised to see defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan fired this week. The players have supported him in public, but the numbers speak for themselves.

How did this go from one of the most feared defenses in the game to one that has given up 40 points or more five times this season? It's an embarrassing way to end the season. The Giants will need to make some significant changes. I think Justin Tuck was banged up for much of the season, but he's about the only player who has an excuse.

I know the loss of Kenny Phillips hurt, but New York should have been better prepared. C.C. Brown did not get the job done. But it's not like he did anything with the Texans to make us think he could.

This is a flawed team that needs to make changes on the defensive line and at linebacker. There's a possibility that the Giants could move on without veterans Antonio Pierce and Danny Clark.

This is not one of the season where you look back and think the Giants were a play or two away from being a playoff team. They earned their .500 record. Now they have to find a way to rectify the situation.