The latest on Shanahan

We're still in a holding pattern for the announcement that Mike Shanahan is the head coach of the Redskins, but we all know it's coming. As we discussed yesterday, there's a good chance the organization could wait until Wednesday to hold the introductory news conference because Dan Snyder might want to honor offensive line coach Joe Bugel at some point today. The longtime assistant coach is expected to retire and defensive coordinator Greg Blache will likely follow the same path.

It will be interesting to find out Shanahan's exact job title. I fully expect him to be president and head coach, which would likely give him final say on personnel moves. Joe Gibbs is really the only coach who has enjoyed that much power during the Dan Snyder era, but Gibbs isn't quite as controlling as Shanahan.

Will he retain any of the current Redskins coaches? I'd be pretty surprised if Shanahan didn't make wholesale changes. We've already heard that his son, Kyle, will be his offensive coordinator and that Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer will take on that same role with the Redskins. I know Zimmer pretty well and I've been told by people close to him that he's excited about joining Shanahan.

I'm headed out to the Cowboys' practice facility for the next couple hours, but I'll try to keep you posted on any developments at Redskins Park. For now, take a peek at this video that features Washington Post writers Mike Wise, Les Carpenter and Jason Reid. I thought they did a nice job of breaking everything down. And I particularly enjoyed watching Reid battle the elements in Ashburn, Va.