Witten stands by his man

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
PITTSBURGH -- I've known Jason Witten pretty well for almost seven years. He was the guy who showed up at Tony Romo's apartment a couple days after the infamous Seattle bobble and dragged him to a sports bar (Dave and Buster's) in an attempt to get a sense of normalcy.

Witten called him every day until Romo started acting like himself again. The two players have been best friends and road-game roommates since entering the league together in 2003. And that's why Witten tapped his chest for the TV cameras to indicate that Romo's back-breaking interception was actually his fault. A few minutes later, he walked into the locker room and delivered the same message to the rest of the offense.

The two players have run that little curl pattern 500 times. Witten's supposed to read the defender and either turn inside or out. But Sunday night, he slipped at the top of the route and the ball was delivered to the waiting hands of Deshea Townsend.

Of course, Townsend is now telling everyone that defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau knew exactly where that pass was going from the moment the Cowboys lined up. But if Witten's where he's supposed to be, there's no guarantee Townsend makes the play.

Witten remained at his locker until every single reporter left. Unlike a lot of players, he wasn't looking for a back exit. As Drew Bledsoe once explained to Romo after that fateful day in Seattle, "You need to let this one hurt for a little while."

I don't think Witten will have any problem with that.

Update: Earlier I linked to a writer who accidentally attributed Patrick Crayton's quote about "Christmas coming early for the Steelers" to Jason Witten. It was Patrick Crayton who actually said those words. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.