Eagles-Cowboys: My prediction

In an interesting development, seven of our eight ESPN experts have picked the Cowboys to beat the Eagles in tomorrow night's wild-card matchup. Only former Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski was brave enough to pick Philly. It also looks like SportsNation favors the Eagles.

My prediction: Cowboys 24, Eagles 21

I think the Eagles will finally make a couple of big plays against Dallas' defense. Surely the Cowboys can't hold DeSean Jackson down for three consecutive games, can they? I think the Eagles will do a much better job against the run in this game. Defensive tackles Brodrick Bunkley and Mike Patterson are excellent run defenders and they were embarrassed by what happened last Sunday. But it will be the Eagles' inability to slow down tight end Jason Witten that leads to their first-round exit. He's a matchup nightmare for the Eagles and Tony Romo will lean on him when things get tight.

Those of you who keep insisting that the Cowboys will once again blow the Eagles off the field are dreaming. This Eagles team has too much pride for that.