Cowboys headed to Land of 10,000 Lakes

ARLINGTON, Texas -- It's too bad the Eagles couldn't field a competitive team the past two weeks. Poor Donovan McNabb hasn't had any time in the pocket. And even with a 34-7 lead in the third quarter, Wade Phillips is still calling safety blitzes. It's time for the Cowboys to make plans for Minneapolis next weekend. I just found a $129 rate downtown.

Even without the two fumbles in the first half, I don't think the Eagles had any chance in this game. Tony Romo picked their defense apart -- even when they tried to bring extra defenders. The Eagles don't have a single player in the secondary who matches up with Miles Austin. And Sheldon Brown appeared to be hurt for most of the game.

I'm not sure whether the Cowboys are a juggernaut or the Eagles simply fell apart the last two weeks. I lean toward the Cowboys being a really dominant team right now. And this is a horrible matchup for the Eagles from a physical standpoint.

We may be watching McNabb's final game with the Eagles. I know that's hard to believe, but I'm really starting to believe that a trade could happen. And with 40 seconds left in the third quarter, the Eagles have completely lost their composure. Jeremy Maclin just took a shot at Ken Hamlin for no apparent reason.

It only took the Eagles three quarters to get the ball to Brian Westbrook on a screen.