Chat wrap: First-year Chip Kelly expectations

We had our weekly chat Tuesday. In case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights. And here's a link to the whole thing, if you're into that.

Hanson (DC): The Eagles are in transition on offense and defense,is this gonna be a year where they just basically see what they have as far as talent fitting kind of an audition for the 2014 season?

Dan Graziano: I think it's entirely possible that this is a rebuilding year for the Eagles. Likely, even. Chip Kelly is correctly thinking long-term, and that could mean a tough year. Now, they have a lot of very talented players still on both sides of the ball and should be able to win more than four games regardless. But major questions at QB and on defense mean, for me, a big year in Philly would be an upset.

Anthony (VA): Victor Cruz is younger and doesn't have the injury problems like Hakeem Nicks. Why do the Giants seem to be more fixated on signing Nicks next year rather than locking up Cruz now?

DG: If that is indeed the case, then I imagine it's because they view Nicks as a more valuable, difficult-to-replace, traditional No. 1 WR who plays on the outside and can manhandle DBs in coverage. Cruz is better in the slot, and they may place less financial value on that position.

Joe (VA): Whose fight song do you like better, Eagles or Redskins? You can pick the Giants or Cowboys but I don't think they have one.

DG: The Eagles' fight song bothers me because it is logistically unsound. One cannot fly ON a road. One can fly over a road, or along a road, but not on it. If you are on the road, you are, by definition, not flying. So when I hear, "Fly, Eagles, fly on the road to victory," it annoys me.

st8prop (Atlanta, GA): Do you think Jerry Jones was a little too harsh on judging Rob Ryan's defensive scheme as " too many schemes"?

DG: No, I see where he's coming from. The Ryan defense relies on deception and myriad formations that are constantly changing and ask players to assume a great deal of responsibility for where they choose to line up and how they complete their assignments on given plays. It's a lot to ask of players, and I think that's what Jones was getting at.

Dave (Sacramento): Do you really believe the Redskins will let both Lorenzo Alexander and Darrel Young leave? Young is one of the top 5 FBs in the league, and Zo is a special teams captain who played well at inside linebacker and got good pressure when rushing.

DG: I'm sure they want them both back. My point was that they're going to have to accept some very difficult realities as a result of the cap situation, and you can't assume anyone's back just because they're valuable.