Newton defeats Mallet in news conference?

From all of the accounts I'm reading, apparently Auburn's Cam Newton was much more impressive during his media session Saturday than Arkansas' Ryan Mallett. Both players have been under a lot of scrutiny because of off-the-field issues, but Newton was a little more nimble on the podium.

Mallett was given the opportunity to address some of the rumors that have swirled regarding his character, but he opted to save those explanations for NFL teams. That's certainly understandable, but Mallett didn't need to come across as defensive. He really had a lot to gain by being personable and somewhat transparent at the mic. From what I can tell, that's not what took place.

I'll be in touch with Dallas Cowboys officials this evening to figure out how their interview session went with Newton. There's a belief that Dallas is simply trying to create the appearance it might take Newton so the No. 9 overall pick becomes more attractive to other teams. But I don't think Newton will ever make it that far.