Total QBR report: So, how was John Beck?

Only two NFC East quarterbacks took the field in Week 7, and both finished in the top half of the league Sunday in Total QBR, the new quarterback rating system that strives to evaluate a quarterback's overall contribution to his team's performance.

The Washington Redskins changed starting quarterbacks this week, going with John Beck after Rex Grossman threw those four interceptions the week before. And while they lost to the Carolina Panthers, Beck was more or less adequate in the loss. He posted a Total QBR of 45.7, which is slightly below average but good for 12th among the 26 quarterbacks whose Sunday performance the new stat evaluated.

The worst number on his ledger is the "Sack EPA," due to the three sacks he took. That number is minus-3.7, and only Matt Moore, Tim Tebow and Charlie Whitehurst fared worse in that category. Beck's best number is his "Rush EPA" of 2.5 -- a sign of his ability to make plays with his legs. Only Carolina's Cam Newton added more potential points with his legs than did Beck among NFL quarterbacks on Sunday.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo wasn't the story of his team's victory over the Rams. That was rookie DeMarco Murray and his team-record 253 rushing yards. Romo's Total QBR was 61.3, seventh-best in the league Sunday and slightly worse than his season number of 69.4. He wasn't great but didn't have to be, as Murray ran all over the Rams.

Romo's season number of 69.4, by the way, is the sixth-best in the league for the year so far and the best among NFC East quarterbacks. The Eagles' Michael Vick is right behind Romo in seventh place with a Total QBR of 64.5. The Giants' Eli Manning ranks 11th with a 62.5. Beck apparently hasn't played enough to qualify for the season-leaders chart, but Grossman is still on there, at 24th with a Total QBR of 42.6.