Ex-Cowboys find a home in Cincy

The Bengals are attempting to re-sign former Dallas Cowboys Roy Williams and Tank Johnson, according to the club's Web site. Former Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer has done a masterful job with the two players.

Zimmer, who still owns a home in Dallas, knows that Williams functions much better in a 4-3 scheme and he does a nice job of keeping him out of one-on-one coverage situations. Johnson flamed out with the Cowboys, but he's become a mainstay in Zimmer's defense. In Dallas, Johnson tried to freelance too much and gave up big plays in the middle of the field. Plus, it wasn't like he was going to play much behind Pro Bowler Jay Ratliff.

In an unrelated note, I had a chance to visit with Saints defensive assistant Adam Zimmer on Thursday. He's in Dallas celebrating a Super Bowl win with his father. Considering what the Zimmer family has been through this season, they seem to be in remarkably good spirits.