Garrett wants Dixon's style altered

Jason Garrett really does love Ahmad Dixon's physical style on the football field. He just doesn't want the rookie playing recklessly.

That's what he did Saturday night, and it resulted in a a key 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness that helped Miami score it's winning touchdown. Garrett said the coaching staff told Dixon to play smarter.

It's not a request.

"They're going to call those types of plays," Garrett said. "We impressed upon him the importance of understanding where the NFL is on these rules and they're going to call them.

"It's the same with defensive holding and it's the same with offensive holding. Penalties are being called all over the league and everyone just has to understand what the atmosphere is."

After the game, a defiant Dixon said he wasn't changing his style. On Monday afternoon his stance had softened.

Perhaps, Garrett's hard stance on the penalty changed the rookie safety's mind.

"You want your team to be physical, but you want them to play within the rules," Garrett said. "There are some great examples of him being physical and doing it right way all over the tape on defense and special teams.

"We're not going to have those types of penalties. We understand the balance. He's not the first player in this situation. There are a lot of physical players in this league who have to somehow, some way be physical but do it within the confines of the rules."