The greatest thing in football history

Whatever it is that you are doing, regardless of how important you believe it to be, it is vital that you stop doing it right now and instead watch the DirecTV ad contained in this post from USAToday's "FTW" blog. Because it is a rap video made by New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning and his brother, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (with a critical cameo by Archie, of course). It might well be the pinnacle of human achievement. As in, I'm not sure why any of us should continue doing anything at all, ever again, now that this has been done.

Peyton: "What do you think Alexander Graham Bell would say if he heard you were watching football on your phone?"

Eli (bursting through a painting of Alexander Graham Bell): "Who cares? Dude's dead."

I can't stop watching it. I mean, I can't. Stop. Watching. It.