On Quentin Jammer and the Redskins

The Washington Redskins reportedly met Sunday night with veteran cornerback Quentin Jammer, which isn't going to get Redskins fans all that excited after failed pursuits of superior options Aqib Talib and Antoine Winfield earlier this offseason. Jammer turns 34 next month and hasn't drawn any interest on the free-agent market until now, and it's hard to make a real strong case that he's an upgrade over what they have right now.

But I think it's important to remember what the Redskins are looking for at this point. Their long-term answer at cornerback or free safety isn't going to arrive in Ashburn this summer. The salary- cap penalty they incurred meant they couldn't make a real play for Talib or any of the other high-end talent on this year's market in their preferred age range. Instead they signed E.J. Biggers, who's likely a No. 3 corner, and re-signed DeAngelo Hall, whose work Redskins fans are quite familiar. No perfect solutions available to this year's Redskins.

Which brings us to Jammer, who likely has little to offer as a starting cornerback at this point but could make sense in a hybrid corner/safety kind of role for a Redskins secondary that's going to have no choice but to piece things together for another season and hope it works. Maybe Jammer can play some free safety in a pinch. Maybe he can fill in at corner if Biggers doesn't pan out or in nickel or dime sets. If they were looking at him as a guy who'd line up against star wide receivers on the outside and try to shut them down, they'd be in trouble. But if they see him as an intriguing, experienced piece they could use in a number of strategic ways without overexposing him, then it feels a little better. That's the market in which the Redskins find themselves this offseason. It's the best they can do.