Could cabanas be in AT&T Stadium future?

IRVING, Texas -- AT&T Stadium is a money-making machine.

Nearly 105,000 packed the joint over the weekend for George Strait’s final concert. It was the most attended concert ever in North America.

Nearly 85,000 saw Mexico beat Ecuador recently in a friendly leading up to the World Cup. It was the largest soccer crowd not only in Arlington but the entire state.

The Dallas Cowboys will sell out every game in 2014, and the stadium will get its fair share of publicity.

But have the Jacksonville Jaguars opened up another future revenue stream for Jerry Jones and his $1.2 billion stadium?

The Jaguars are removing 9,500 seats from one of the end zones at EverBank Field and putting in a two-level party deck complete with pools and 16 cabanas. The cost is $12,500 per game for one of the four poolside cabanas on the first level that includes 50 tickets. The upper level offers 20-ticket packages without pool access that cost $3,000 per game.

Jones loves to talk about the party passes available for fans to stand and watch the digital boards, if not the live action. Could he scheme up some sort of cabana-like project on the end-zone platforms? If Jacksonville can get $12,500 per game, what could the Cowboys fetch?

Heck, Jones once mentioned he would like to host some swimming championships at the stadium. He wasn't joking. We think. But with his recent reversal on how difficult it wasn't (that was the draft-day story) or was (that's what he said the other day) to pass on Johnny Manziel, it’s hard to know what’s true and what's not these days.

Often times the Cowboys have said the stadium was built with the future in mind. They have room to grow all over the place.

Indoor cabanas at AT&T Stadium? Why not?