Breakfast links: Mood swinging up in Philly

Waiting on Wednesday injury reports? Yeah, me too. Let's have some links.

New York Giants

I'm no longer sure what point Brandon Jacobs is trying to make, but this latest installment would seem to indicate that he's planning to keep playing for the Giants for a while even though he doesn't like it very much. Which is fine. I still don't think much is going to change for him, Ahmad Bradshaw or anyone else in the Giants backfield until the line starts blocking better.

The Giants aren't in awe of Tom Brady ahead of this weekend's matchup with the Patriots, and the main reason is that they've seen their quarterback beat him. In a very big game. And the way Eli Manning's playing these days, his teammates believe they may have the better quarterback in this game too.

Philadelphia Eagles

Bob Ford thinks the schedule over the next five weeks favors the Eagles "ridiculously," especially as compared with that of the Giants. I'm not sure I agree completely, since the Eagles have the Patriots as well, and the Bears aren't exactly a gimme next Monday night. And while the Giants' schedule is brutal, they have the two-game lead and more margin for error. And don't overlook the Cowboys, whose schedule is cheesecake and have the same record as the Eagles have.

And Sam Donnellon writes that LeSean McCoy reminds him of Barry Sanders, which is also a bit much for me. I mean, you all know I love McCoy, but Barry Sanders was... well, there's never been anyone like him. Anyway, nice to see everybody in more optimistic, positive moods down there in Philly this week!

Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett says he'd like to see his players tone it down a bit when complaining to officials about calls. I'd personally like to see players on all teams do that, but I guess if Garrett's telling his guys to do it that's at least a start.

Rob Ryan says he'll be a head coach someday and be better than his brother, Rex. Couple of peas in a pod, those two wacky Ryan brothers. Though I guess their taste in women differs?

Washington Redskins

Tim Hightower says he'll be back from the injury that ended his season prematurely. This is the kind of thing people will think is a good thing next year when we're all talking about the improvements the Redskins have made on offense.

Meantime, Fred Davis has injured his ankle, and that's the kind of thing that's going to make the discussion about this year's offense even more dismal and discouraging. Davis is far and away the best option in the passing game right now for John Beck or Rex Grossman or whoever's playing quarterback, and they need him on the field to have a chance.