Breakfast links: Michael Vick speaks

Just fine, thanks. Made really good time. Didn't hit traffic anywhere, which is pretty impressive since I drove past New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington in about a four-and-a-half-hour stretch. I'd tell you my secret, but honestly I have no idea. I left when I felt like I'd done enough work for the day.

Anyway, today's a new day. And you know how the new days start around here. With links.

Philadelphia Eagles

So I was driving past Philly around 4:45 pm ET on Monday when Michael Vick called into 97.5 FM for an interview. And it wasn't uninteresting. Sal Paolantonio, unaware of the coincidence of my travel plans, emailed me about the part of the interview in which Vick said, "Nothing is going to change about my game," and Sheil Kapadia wrote about the part where Vick laughed and said his ranking of No. 70 on the NFL Network's player-voted top 100 list was "a joke." Obviously, he's right on the last point. The idea that there are 69 better players in the league than Vick is insane. But I've already made clear what I think about that list.

Ashley Fox thinks that Andy Reid's increased power in the Eagles organization following the departure of Joe Banner increases, rather than eases, the pressure on Reid to win. I think Ashley is wise. The Eagles are planning for the future on the assumption that they have a big year in 2012, but I have little doubt that they'd change the plan if things went very poorly this season.

Washington Redskins

Want to know what Rex Grossman's still doing on the Redskins' roster? The Washington Times has you covered. I still say Grossman's the perfect backup for Robert Griffin III right now, since he knows the offense and could step in and play right away if Griffin got hurt. Yeah, he'd thrown interceptions, but there are far worse backup quarterback situations in the league than this one.

Matt Breen has a look at the chances of undrafted tight end Beau Reliford to make the Redskins' roster. So you're like, "Why a Beau Reliford link, Dan?" and I'm like, "Look, there's gonna be a ton of Redskins stuff on this blog over the next couple of days, probably none about Beau Reliford, and some of you guys like this dark-horse roster-candidate stuff." And it's June 12. So you know.

Dallas Cowboys

Calvin Watkins says Mike Jenkins will report to mandatory minicamp, which is good, since it's mandatory and missing it would cost him a lot of money, and I hate to see guys just throw away money in this day and age. Seriously, this isn't baseball, and while it'd be nice if NFL players had more contract leverage than they do, the best thing for Jenkins is to show up and bust his butt. The bad part about life as an NFL player is the lack of contract leverage. The good part is that, due to the violent nature of the game, playing time has a way of showing up for those who make sure they're ready for it.

Oh, and Adam Schefter thinks the Cowboys can make it to the Super BowlInsider if they stay healthy. That's an Insider link, but Adam's reasoning centers on the fact that he's "always felt the Cowboys had more talent than their results indicated." I don't do June predictions unless forced, and I like Adam a great deal and consider it an honor and a pleasure to work with him. But let's just say I'm not as enthused about the 2012 Cowboys as Adam is.

New York Giants

Eli Manning says he's fired up to work with the offensive rookies in minicamp this week, and I believe him. Manning likes getting the most out of the players around him. He thinks that's part of his job, along with helping the little brothers of the world get revenge on their older siblings. Seriously, maybe now you'll treat your little brother with some respect, Peyton! Anyway, sorry. Don't know how that got off the rails. Manning has motivation to help guys like David Wilson and Rueben Randle develop quickly, and I believe he'll work hard to make sure they do.

I'd be surprised if anyone claimed Jake Ballard and his surgically repaired knee, and from what I understand Ballard is part of the Giants' long-term plans. So Monday's move was likely just procedural, and I think you can expect to see Ballard back catching passes from Manning at some point in 2013, whether Martellus Bennett works out or not.