Skins rookie Glenn says he lied in first interview

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

The NFL career of Redskins rookie linebacker Cody Glenn has begun with a mini-scandal in which he's admitted lying to local reporters about why he was suspended for three games at Nebraska last season. The fifth-round pick said he got so caught up in the euphoria of being drafted that he told a big fib. During a conference call with local reporters Sunday, Glenn was asked why he'd been suspended at Nebraska. Fair question. Here was Glenn's response:

"I got caught up with selling some tickets I wasn't supposed to," Glenn said. "I did it, and I got caught up in it. Coach Pelini had to do what he had to do, but it wasn't nothing really big. It was just something where they didn't want to hurt the team."

That explanation certainly caught Nebraska off guard since they didn't know anything about a ticket-scalping story. A follow-up call by a reporter from the Associated Press to Glenn prompted a confession. He had made up the story.

"So many people kept asking me about it, everywhere I go," Glenn said. "That was the rumor out there, so I just said, 'OK, yeah, I sold tickets.'

"It was just so people would kind of leave me alone, just to get them an answer, for people who had to have an answer. There's so much I'm going through, trying to finish up school. And to have people constantly nagging in my ear about 'What did you do?' blah, blah, blah. I got tired of that. That's all that is. I didn't mean to confuse anyone."

By all accounts, Glenn was a good citizen at Nebraska, but he's really botched the start of his NFL career. If he wants this thing to go away, he ought to come out and tell the real story. Honestly, the only reason anyone cares about the story now is because he felt the need to lie about it. I wonder if the Redskins' scouting department knows the real story. The Redskins were already accused of reaching to take Glenn in the fifth round before he lied to reporters. He needs to get his story straight before reporters arrive for this weekend's minicamp.