NFC Beast Headlines: Redskins edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

  • Linebacker Rocky McIntosh and cornerback Carlos Rogers took the field Saturday after extended absences due to injury. Head coach Jim Zorn said he liked McIntosh's "aggressiveness" and Rogers' "suddenness." They played about 10 plays apiece, so it was hard to tell anything. The most important thing is to get them acclimated to live speed again.

  • Offensive line coach Joe Bugel has rejoined the team after spending time with his daughter Holly, who is suffering from a rare form of cancer.

  • It's hard to keep a Salisbury Sea Gull down. Here's a nice feature on Brian Westbrook's little brother, Byron. I'm sure that never got confusing.

  • Eagles fans: I'm working on something for you. May roll out the L.J. Smith interview tomorrow.