Breakfast links: Signs positive for RG3

I sincerely wish this for all of you: If ever you decide you need to take a day completely off from Twitter because you can sort of see your breaking point speeding toward you, I hope it's the day on which some idiotic controversy erupts on there about whether Tony Romo hung up on his conference call with the Baltimore Ravens beat writers. I can't remember the last time I felt so justified about a decision in retrospect.


Philadelphia Eagles

Very nice story from Marcus Hayes on Eagles rookie linebacker Mychal Kendricks and where he came from. Kendricks had a poor game against the Steelers last week, but over the first four weeks of the season he was one of the league's best linebackers and a key to the Eagles' fast start on defense.

Jason Babin and Trent Cole are looking all over the place for answers to why the Eagles' defensive line isn't getting any sacks these days. Babin even called his dad to ask what he thought about it.

New York Giants

Victor Cruz didn't like that Carlos Rogers imitated his salsa touchdown dance last year and says he hopes he doesn't do it again. Rogers said he would, because he likes it. But later, when told that Cruz considered it a tribute to his late grandmother, Rogers said he'd been unaware of that and that the information changes his view of the whole thing. So it sounds like this is all civil now.

The Giants won the NFC Championship Game in San Francisco in January, but the offensive line remembers it as a game in which Eli Manning took way too many hits. They vow this time it will be different. The Giants' line has played very well this year, especially since Will Beatty got healthy and became the starting left tackle again. But the 49ers' pass rush is considerably tougher than any they have faced so far.

Dallas Cowboys

The defense missed linebacker Anthony Spencer in Week 4 against the Bears, and they may have to play without him again Sunday in Baltimore, Spencer continues to miss practice due to a pectoral muscle injury.

The Cowboys cannot keep their punters healthy. Their punter is hurt and the punter they signed to replace him his hurt. Ironically, the punter they had last year that they really liked but let go of because they didn't think he could stay healthy is healthy and punting for the Eagles. Anyway, the Cowboys are probably going to need to find another new punter by Sunday.

Washington Redskins

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who suffered a concussion in Sunday's loss to Atlanta, returned to the practice field Wednesday and says everything is going well in his attempt to recover in time to play Sunday against Minnesota. Still has to pass more tests as the week goes along, but the early indicators are positive on Griffin's status for Sunday.

Kent Babb, in consultation with folks around the NFL, explores the idea of how and how long Griffin can continue to play the way he plays if he wants to avoid further head injuries.