Is Haynesworth headed to the Redskins?

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

As Peter King pointed out in MMQB today, it's amazing that Titans All-Pro defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth isn't generating more interest in free agency. He's the best interior lineman in the game right now, but teams are reluctant to dispatch the Brinks truck for a man who only participates in 65 percent of his unit's plays.

But King apparently thinks Haynesworth could end up with the Redskins:

"In fact, Washington might be the logical landing spot," writes King. "Hmmmm. I wonder why Redskins owner Dan Snyder was having dinner with the agent for Haynesworth, Chad Speck, at Morton's here Saturday night. I'm sure they were just talking about how it was colder here than at the Arctic Circle. But I kept asking all weekend: "Who wants Haynesworth -- or, more appropriately, who's going to pony up for him?" And I got the old 'it only takes one' answer a few times. But one coach told me the smartest thing, and this was a coach who has some interest in getting Haynesworth at the right price, which is about half of what Haynesworth is hoping to get. "Everybody I've asked this weekend says, 'We're out of that,' or 'I don't think you'll see us involved in Haynesworth.' "

"Sad, really, because he's a great football player, an impactful player who can change a game from the interior defensive line spot."

Could Snyder clear enough room under the cap to make Haynesworth the highest-paid defensive tackle in league history? I think we'll find out soon enough.