Breakfast links: Inching to the finish line

We live and die with our incremental updates because they're all we have, and I know some people wrote to express worry over the fact that the players didn't approve the new labor deal Wednesday. Breath deeply, people. We know where this is going and how it will end. Semantics and details are all that remain, and I still believe free agency starts next week. Meantime, at least we have links.

Dallas Cowboys

Charean Williams has a nice story about the lockout's impact on the friendship between Jason Witten and Cowboys tight ends coach John Garrett, who do charity work together but haven't been able to really talk with each other this summer.

And Leon Lett is back! Yeah, he's going to be an assistant defensive line coach once training camp starts. When will that be? Well, if all goes according to plan with the labor deal, one week from today.

New York Giants

Giants 101 mulls offensive linemen, and suggests the Saints' Jermon Bushrod and the Colts' Charlie Johnson as possible options should the Giants want to add depth. That's what I'm talking about, really. Those kinds of pieces -- versatile, experienced, cheaper than Shawn Andrews. They don't want to invest in a new left tackle because they're already invested in the idea that Will Beatty can be that. If he's not, maybe they hit that position hard next year.

Tom Coughlin dropped in as a surprise guest speaker at a fifth-grade D.A.R.E. graduation ceremony in Park Ridge, N.J., on Wednesday. Maybe the kind of thing he wouldn't have been able to do in a normal offseason, right? Silver Lining Dept. on line one?

Philadelphia Eagles

You want an example of the difference a year makes? Michael Vick now has nutrition companies fighting with each other to use him to endorse their products.

Geoff Mosher weighed in on the possible outcomes for the Eagles' various free agents. Nothing too surprising in Geoff's predictions, though I find it interesting that he has Nick Cole leaving and Max Jean-Gilles staying. I kind of thought Cole was a guy they planned to keep, but apparently he and his belly don't fit Howard Mudd's mold of leaner offensive linemen.

Washington Redskins

Mike Jones' series continues with a look at Redskins with the most to prove on special teams. He thinks it's possible Graham Gano could get some competition in training camp if he doesn't show improved accuracy. The Redskins lost five games last year by a field goal or less, and Gano missed 11 field goals

And guess who's planning to be in training camp once it opens? That's right. Big Al Haynesworth. Get your stopwatches ready, folks. It's conditioning-test time!

Back with more later. I've got to go take a conditional vote on a proposed breakfast pending the resolution of some outstanding grapefruit.