Giants fire another assistant

Giants coach Tom Coughlin continued to react to his team's pitiful finish by firing defensive line coach Mike Waufle on Wednesday. Coughlin had already fired defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan earlier this week.

I know that Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora have sworn by Waufle in the past. He was a fiery guy who brought a lot of passion to his job.

Unfortunately, people lose their jobs when teams underperform on a grand scale. But rest assured, if the Giants have another .500 season, Coughlin could be the next coach to go. You can blame this season on injuries if you want, but you'll find several playoff teams who have had to overcome more. Just look at what the Eagles have had to overcome this season.

I think Kenny Phillips is a very talented player, but the Giants are supposed to be a team that overcomes adversity. Their collapse is one of the most remarkable stories of the season.

Firings might satisfy fans for a little while, but the Giants will have to do more than that to get back in the playoff conversation next season. Waufle was a really good football coach and he had to deal with an injury to Chris Canty and poor play from Rocky Bernard.

But coaches have a lot less stability than players.