Breakfast links: Burress released today

Morning, all. Happy Plaxico Burress Release Day. We'll have some coverage, as you might imagine. It started Friday, really, but if you missed any of it, you can find it all (or get to it all from) here. As I wrote Friday, I think the Eagles make the most sense for him both ways, but it only makes sense for the Eagles if they don't have to get into a bidding war for him. If some other team is going to pay him to be its No. 1 WR and the Eagles are looking at him for the limited role he'd fit perfectly on their offense, they'll probably let him go. What would be interesting is to see if Burress would take less to go to a place, such as Philly, that could be better for him personally than he'd get to go to a team offering more money and a larger role.

But it's a long time until the lockout ends and we know how this all ends. A long time and a lot of links.

Dallas Cowboys

Hey! Dez Bryant went to the mall and didn't get thrown out. Must've stopped at a belt store this time, eh? Oh come on, that's never going to get old, right?

Oh, and it turns out the Tony Romo wedding wasn't even the Cowboys wedding of the year. You know, given the choice between the two, you'd have rather been to the Martellus Bennett wedding. Don't pretend otherwise.

New York Giants

Mike Garafolo had a nice profile of Giants third-rounder Jerrel Jernigan in Sunday's Star-Ledger. Talked to the young man's high school and college coaches, who paint the picture of a tough, explosive player who likely will make an instant contribution on special teams next year. Seems undersized to play a full-time WR role, but I imagine he's heard that before and yet here he is. And it says something about the guy that he's using the lockout time to finish his college degree.

And Paul Schwartz of the New York Post delves into the issue of whether the Giants are doing enough in terms of player workouts during the lockout. Schwartz quotes Justin Tuck and Shaun O'Hara, each of whom espouses the very typical Giant point of view that they don't care what other teams are doing and they're going to do things their way. Again, we'll ultimately see which approach pays off -- whether the teams who did a lot on their own during this time are helped or hurt or not affected at all. But when the time comes to study that, the Giants will be the prime example of a team that didn't do much.

Philadelphia Eagles

So they're trying to get a statue of Eagles great Chuck Bednarik built in Philadelphia, and Philly.com polled readers to ask which other Philly sports legend would deserve one. Reggie White is running third in the poll.

Former Ohio State linebacker Brian Rolle, a sixth-round pick of the Eagles in April's draft, said in a recent ESPN radio interview that he was offered a car while at Ohio State. Hey, who wasn't? Difference is, Rolle says, he turned it down.

Washington Redskins

Eric Edholm thinks the Redskins will pursue a veteran free-agent running back to add to the Ryan Torain/Roy Helu duo. He suggests Joseph Addai and Darren Sproles as possibilities, and his logic makes sense. Can't have too much depth there. I just think the Redskins have bigger FA needs on defense and at receiver, and I wonder if they'll go low-end on running back options as a result.

Speaking of receiver, Dan Pompei's Sunday notes included his rankings of "old wide receivers," defined as those who would be 32 or older by the scheduled start of the 2011 season. He ranks free agent Santana Moss No. 5 on his list. But he also ranked fellow free agents Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens ahead of Moss. I still think Moss is the most likely and sensible FA option for Washington at the position.

Finally this morning, JB from Whistler, BC, wrote into the mailbag: "Hey Dan: I hope your analysis of the Beast proves to be more on target than your opinion of the Dallas Mavericks' NBA title chances. GO MAVS!"

Dan Graziano: Sorry, JB. They won one more game than I thought they would, and sadly (because my goodness, who could possibly want the Heat to win?) I think that's all they get.