Giants want this to be only trip to Seattle

The New York Giants haven't fared well in Seattle over the years, so they want to make sure to not return to Qwest Field for a playoff game this season. ESPN.com's John Clayton addressed this topic in his weekly First-and-10 column.

"The Giants have had two bad experiences going cross-country and playing the Seahawks," writes the affable Professor Clayton. "In 2005, they lost in overtime, 24-21. The next year, they lost a 42-30 shootout in which the Seahawks jumped to a 35-0 first-half lead. The games have been marred with false starts and mistakes. If the Giants lose, it could set up a possible return to Qwest in the playoffs. For that to happen, the Seahawks would have to win the NFC West and the Giants would have to get a wild card behind either the Eagles or Redskins. Winning Sunday would put the Giants on a path to win the NFC East and to not have to worry about traveling back to Seattle."

It's a shame the NFC West gets to send a team to the playoffs, but it's something the league refuses to address. And Clayton certainly has a point. The Giants can't afford to lose to an injury-depleted Seahawks team and run the risk of returning in the wild-card round of the playoffs. I think the Eagles are about to get on a little roll, so the Giants need to keep stacking wins.