Homecoming for Lekkerkerker

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Please pardon the late arrival today. I was trying to squeeze in a 10th wedding anniversary celebration between NFC East preseason games. I'll offer my thoughts on the Eagles' performance in a few minutes, but right now it's important to note that Cowboys offensive tackle Cory Lekkerkerker will be making his highly anticipated return to San Diego tonight.

My former colleague and ESPN cross-platform star Tim Cowlishaw talked about Lekkerkerker's homecoming on his brand new blog. Tim informs his readers that Lekkerkerker's last name would be considered a "trifindrome," which is a word that ends with three sets of the same three letters and something Cowlishaw completely made up!

At this time, the San Diego Chargers have not planned an official ceremony for Lekkerkerker's return, but it's likely the game will be halted for a few minutes when he trots onto the field in the second half.

Back with more analysis in a moment.