The Tom Coughlin news conference

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
The Giants were kind enough to forward the complete Tom Coughlin transcript from this morning's news conference. Things got a bit testy toward the end with Coughlin telling a reporter not to be a "smart aleck." I'll see if I can figure out who the reporter was. Classic stuff.

Q: Right out of the gate, any decisions on Michael Strahan possibly coming back?

A: There hasn't been any discussion that I have been involved in there. We are going to explore every option that is available. And the last time that I talked with Michael he had accepted his new challenge and was very happy about that. And I have not spoken with him at all since the other night's game.

Q: Obviously everybody cares about Osi's health and welfare, but how difficult is it to move forward and get the coaches and the players to refocus on the business at hand?

A: When adversity strikes, it is not the adversity; it is how you react to it. We have been a team that has done a good job with that. And simply presented, it is really up to each one of us to do our jobs a little bit better than we have been doing it. We have talented football players; we have people that can do the job. We have to just step it up a notch. We all have to come together. I really believe that in a situation like this you become more dependent on each other than ever before. So the team theme keeps pouring out of us at this time.

Q: You are fortunate to have a 6-7 pass rusher at linebacker. Is that the natural move now to move him back to where he was?

A: He is going to move back to end. Who are you talking about?

Reporter: Mathias. Does it give you confidence knowing that he has already played end?

A: The move was always to get the best, most quality people on the field. And Mathias accepted every job that we have offered and every task we have presented him with. I talked with him yesterday and he was more than ready to do whatever we wanted him to do that was in the best interest of the team.

Q: Do you feel fortunate that you have a player like him on the roster?

A: That is why he is here. He was drafted as an outstanding defensive end.

Q: Given the season is less than two weeks away, do you need to make a decision on that defensive end spot, whether you call Michael or somebody else in a day or two?

A: There is no clock running. Obviously, whatever we can do that is in the best interest of our team, we will do it. I don't know that there is any sense of real ... we have people here that can play the positions. Obviously when you take Mathias and put him down, that gives more opportunity at the linebacker spot. I was encouraged with what [Gerris] Wilkinson did the other night playing two different positions. So we are going to go forward with the players that we have. And we are always looking for and searching for people who can help our team. And nothing is going to change with regard to that.

Q: Does Danny Clark move to strong side?

A: They have always flipped and played on both sides. Clark will have opportunities to play at SAM, as will Wilkinson. [Bryan] Kehl has flipped around as well. But today Clark will work more at the SAM.

Reporter: If Strahan returned

A: The hypotheticals, I'm not very good at. So I'll just stay away from that one. I had no idea where Michael was or what he was doing. Certainly he is entitled to have a vacation.

Q: He has obviously lost some weight. I don't know if you had a discussion with him about what kind of shape he is in last week or not. Any thoughts on how he looked?

A: He looked very good to me.

Q: Could he be ready quickly? I know he went through this last year, too.

A: Yeah, but his mentality was different last year.

Q: Moving Mathias, does it make it less likely that you will bring Michael back?

A: You guys keep asking me about something that, honestly, I have not been a part of any of those discussions. I'm more concerned with the team that we have right here in our locker room and that this team mentally prepares itself as best we can.

Q: Would you like to have him back?

A: Don't ask me any more questions about that.

Q: You are the head coach, wouldn't it be your job to say whether I want him or not?

A: Don't be a smart-aleck. Don't be a smart-aleck. I will be a part of every discussion that is ongoing in terms of helping our team, yes.

Q: Is there any adjustment at all for Mathias -- it is his natural position?

A: I don't think so because he has played down on third-down always.

Q: His body?

A: He is actually bigger and stronger.

Q: Do you see it as a very smooth transition?

A: I do. I do.

Q: Does he stay on the right side?

A: Yeah, he will be on the right side. Well, they will rotate. With Renaldo [Wynn] and [Dave] Tollefson and some of those guys, we will work on that rotation.

Q: How was the mood of the team?

A: They were good. We talked about it openly and we talked about how I had talked with both Craig Dahl and with Osi. They know that our thoughts and prayers are with them and they know that accomplishing this surgery and having a successful surgery and rehab, they are going to be better than ever. And so we are very much in support of them. They are very much in support of their teammates.

Q: Will Mathias play more than expected against New England now that he is making an adjustment?

A: Not necessarily. Not necessarily.

Q: Was Mathias expecting a phone call from you yesterday?

A: Not really. Not really. I think he was on a fishing trip.

Q: What was the injury to Craig Dahl?

A: ACL -- the other side.

Q: Any more word on Lawrence Tynes?

A: No, other than he looks good and he feels good. He is working.

Q: You said you called Mathias on the phone?

A: Yes.