Winners and losers in free agency

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

In case you missed it, Los Angeles Times NFL columnist Sam Farmer recently came up with his "winners and losers" list in free agency. Only the Cowboys (actually Tony Romo and Jason Witten) and Redskins showed up. The Cowboys were winners and the Redskins were listed under the "wait and see" category.

"Now that the Dallas Cowboys have finally "eighty-sixed" No. 81 Terrell Owens, quarterback Romo and tight end Witten can breathe a little easier," writes Farmer. "Owens is sporadically spectacular, but his paranoid belief last season that Romo and Witten had a catalog of secret plays aimed at freezing him out did nothing for team chemistry. Romo shouldn't have to worry about forcing the ball to Owens just to keep him happy."

The Beast has often been called "sporadically spectacular," and I never know how to take that. Anyway, here's what Farmer said about the Redskins:

"Once again, the Redskins are taking the fantasy-football route, trying to spend, spend, spend their way to a Super Bowl. Maybe Albert Haynesworth will be worth the $41 million in guaranteed money Washington is paying him -- he had more than his share of suitors around the league -- but Redskins owner Dan Snyder has a less-than-sterling track record of locating quick fixes. Could this deal be Dana Stubblefield, Part Deux?"

Let Farmer know how you feel about his analysis. There's no one who likes interacting with readers as much as he does.