Revis calls Belichick a 'player' coach

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Cornerback Darrelle Revis had complimentary things to say Thursday when asked about New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

"When you're on the outside looking in, when you're playing with another organization, you look at things totally different," Revis told reporters after the team's final practice of mandatory minicamp. "Especially coming from New York and New England, being up here, it's a rivalry. You look at things totally different. That's with any player. There are a bunch of guys that crossed over, and once you cross over and when you're inside looking out, it's a totally different perspective.

"Everybody here has accepted me as much as they can to make me feel like home. Even Bill has. I'm fine with it. We're on good terms."

Revis admitted that his perception of Belichick, whom he once called a jerk on SportsCenter, has changed.

"I think it changed the first time through the whole process, when I got released from Tampa, and then talking to teams and actually I got to sit down and talk to Belichick. I think it changed during that conversation, when me and him sat down and had a brief conversation. We moved forward and whatever we had in the past, we put it behind us. I think it changed during that moment," he said.

Asked how he would describe Belichick, Revis said, "He's a great coach. I really respect him for winning three [Super Bowl] championships. Another thing, I feel like he's a player coach. A lot of people might not say that on the outside looking in, but we're with Bill every day. We hang out with him every day. We're in the meetings with him every day so we're around him all the time. I really feel like he's a player coach. ...

"I think the biggest thing that people really don't understand about Bill is that Bill asks questions. He'll ask questions, he'll try to get other people's insight, especially veterans. He'll sit down and have a conversation with you. I think that's why he's so genius at what he does. He's very smart, but at the same time he knows the pulse of the team."