Most athletic Cowboys

It is, to be sure, The Season of the List. The absence of actual NFL news during the lockout has led many of us to turn to rankings and list-making as a source of conversation-stirring content. We've done more than our share of it here, but we're not alone. Cowboys.com today offers a ranking of the Top 10 all-around athletes ever to suit up for the Cowboys.

This is not, they make it clear, a list of the best players ever to play for the Cowboys. You won't find Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith or Michael Irvin here. But you will find Walt Garrison, who was an actual rodeo cowboy in addition to being a football one. You'll find Terrell Owens, as pure an athletic specimen as we've seen in spite of his...well, drawbacks. The list reminds us of Ed "Too Tall" Jones' boxing career, Herschel Walker's turn as an Olympic bobsledder and Deion Sanders multi-sport exploits as an NFL star and Major League Baseball player.

T0ny Romo makes the list because of his skills on the golf course. And DeMarcus Ware, Mel Renfro and Larry Allen didn't even have to go the two-sport route to crack the top 10, so impressive were they as pure athletes on the football field. The man in the No. 1 spot? Well, as the writer, Nick Eatman, points out, Bob Hayes was not only know as "The Fastest Man in the World," but he's also the only guy with a Super Bowl ring and an Olympic gold medal. Pretty good credentials for a list like this. Pretty fun list.