Reid: There's 'a good chance' Vick plays Thursday

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Eagles coach Andy Reid once again said Saturday there's "a good chance" backup quarterback Michael Vick will play in Thursday's final preseason game against the Jets. And get this, he may remain on the field for consecutive plays. After his debut against the Jaguars on Thursday, Vick estimated that he was playing at about 70 percent. Reid was asked about that percentage earlier this afternoon:

"I'm not very good with those percentages, but I thought it was just good to get him back in there just for the speed of the game. He came out healthy; you always worry about that that first game. I thought he handled himself well. He seemed poised, made a couple good reads. Like he mentioned to you, he had one that wasn't quite as good, but it looked like he threw the ball when he had a chance, and when he ran, he outran the defensive end, so that's a good thing. That's a start."

On which play did he outrun the defensive end? I seem to recall Derrick Harvey limiting him to 1 yard on Vick's second play from scrimmage. Do I have that wrong?