Cerrato's emasculation of Zorn continues

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I had to read the transcript about seven times. When Redskins executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato was asked if he presented coach Jim Zorn with a roster capable of making the playoffs, he answered, "Yes." He then repeated that answer when a reporter asked for a clarification.

That's right, folks. Cerrato signed Bills castoff Derrick Dockery to take over at left guard and then hung his hat on Pro Bowl tackle Chris Samuels somehow having an injury-free season. For depth, Cerrato signed Dockery's roommate, Mike Williams, a man who ate his way out of the league and once tipped the scales at 450 pounds -- after a crash diet. Of course, he was also counting on aging guard Randy Thomas holding up for an entire season. Seriously, how in the world could Zorn mess this thing up?

Thomas (triceps) and Samuels (neck) are now gone for the season, replaced by the immortal Will Montgomery and Stephon Heyer. Williams, who has no business in the league, has taken over at right tackle.

"Look around the league," Cerrato said. "Nobody has a Pro Bowler to back up a Pro Bowler," he said. "When you lose some quality people, there is a drop-off. I'm not making excuses. We have to do better."

No one expects Cerrato to have Pro Bowl backups, but just for grins, he should take a look at the Eagles' roster. When left guard Todd Herremans had foot surgery, Nick Cole stepped in and did a nice job. Max Jean-Gilles and Winston Justice also played relatively well after being pressed into starting roles. The Eagles have had just as many injuries as the Skins along the offensive line -- and it hasn't ruined their season.

Here's another shocker: Cerrato thinks his hand-picked playcaller/offensive consultant Sherm Lewis did a heck of a job in Monday's 27-17 loss to the Eagles.

"I thought Sherm provided a spark and I think the offense did some good things," said Cerrato. "And I think Fred [Davis] and Devin [Thomas] got a chance to do some things offensively. So I think coming and having to face the third-ranked defense that blitzes all the time, I thought he did a good job with the amount of time that he had. I thought he did an excellent job."

Wow! I need to go back and watch that game again. I didn't realize Lewis did such an "excellent" job. Can you imagine what this man will accomplish with a bye week under his belt? It's scary to think about.