A bizarre second half -- so far

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- So that's why Eli Manning shouldn't make it a habit to take off running. He got 14 yards but then he fell awkwardly on his face and forgot to secure the football. If he slides like a normal quarterback, that's not an issue.

And the Giants left a prime scoring opportunity on the field. Oops, hold the blog entries. Domenik Hixon just caught a pass in the flat and turned it into a 61-yard touchdown. Will Witherspoon missed a tackle in the open field and safety Sean Jones just sort of watched as Hixon took off. I have no clue what Sheldon Brown was doing on the play.

But never mind because DeSean Jackson just scored on a 61-yard touchdown pass. It's amazing how much time Donovan McNabb has in the pocket. He could've taken another two or three second back there but he didn't need it. Jackson had broken free from safety Aaron Ross, who is playing out of position.

Last team with the ball wins.