Thursday talking points: Expanded Eagles edition

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

  • Any man who calls Asante Samuel a "Nouveau Riche" cornerback deserves a link on the NFC East blog. Samuel and Brian Dawkins are a little banged up right now, but it's not like Dawkins needs to be practicing every day.

  • Tom Brolley of Reading Eagle fame discusses DeSean Jackson's return to the practice field. Of his time away, Jackson says: "I feel like I'm not behind. I've been to every meeting after practice and before practice going through installs. The biggest thing right now is to stay in the playbook, ask the veterans and get with the coaches. They're helping me out a lot."

  • The Eagletarian reports that veteran offensive tackle Jon Runyan isn't cutting right guard Shawn Andrews any slack. Says Runyan: "It's not helping us and it's not helping him sitting out. The longer he holds out, the longer it'll be before he gets in there. So it's going to be a tough situation. If you keep giving reps to the guy who's backing you up, at some point, he's going to pass you." The blog rolls into Lehigh Valley on Aug. 10, so maybe Andrews will report by then.

  • Ray Parrillo of the Inquirer has another story on DeSean Jackson's first practice since Andy Reid called him out.

  • Steve Patton of the Reading Eagles wants to know if Donovan McNabb can get it done this season.

  • Rich Hofmann has a great column on how the Eagles responded to Chris Clemons getting dehydrated in practice earlier this week. I had a long talk with Cowboys athletic trainer Jim Maurer on this very topic Tuesday. He told me about the new pill that allows trainers to monitor a player's core temperature during practice. The Cowboys don't use the pills, but the Eagles do:

"If you ever get close enough to the practice field, you will see several trainers whose only job during practice is to get right behind a specified list of players and point what looks like a television remote control at the small of their back," writes Hofmann. "What it does is measure the player's internal body temperature, reading a tiny sensor that the player swallowed the night before.

Every player's temperature is not measured every day on the field. Two defensive linemen were measured yesterday but Clemons was not one of them."

Here's guessing that he'll be in the group from now on.