Breakfast links: Non-RG III edition

There are other things going on in our division besides this Robert Griffin III knee injury, right? Let's see if we can't find a few for the links.

Washington Redskins

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon has a phobia about surgery and does not want to have it on his foot this offseason, though it sounds as though he may have to bite the proverbial bullet if he wants his foot to feel better.

Mike Shanahan appeared to suggest that the Redskins still believe they can get some satisfaction in their dispute with the league about the salary-cap money they were docked last spring. And I guess he'd know. But Shanahan is literally the only person involved in this situation to whom I've spoken over the past six months who has said anything to indicate this isn't a settled issue. I'm just saying, I wouldn't get my hopes up on this.

New York Giants

Ohm's looking this week at "Five Giant Issues," and his most recent examines what went wrong with the pass rush in 2012. Certainly, one of the most surprising aspects of this 2012 season was the failure of the Giants' pass rush to show any life.

The new coach of the Buffalo Bills has a connection with Giants coach Tom Coughlin, a Syracuse guy who has been a mentor to Doug Marrone.

Dallas Cowboys

Scapegoat season has begun, and the Cowboys have fired running backs coach Skip Peete. Yes, it's hard to blame the running backs coach for the problems the Cowboys had in the run game this year, but that's how it goes when you're the running backs coach. When changes start coming, those are the kinds of guys who are looking over their shoulders.

Dez Bryant is having surgery today to repair that broken finger. A clear bright spot in 2012, Bryant will enter 2013 with lofty expectations to continue his rise.

Philadelphia Eagles

With Chip Kelly staying put in Oregon, the Eagles are soldiering on in their effort to find someone to coach their team in 2013. Jay Gruden, Gus Bradley and Bruce Arians are among the now-familiar names who are getting interviewed for it this week.

After watching Bradley coach the Seahawks' defense to victory in Washington on Sunday, Reuben Frank thinks he'd be a good choice for the Eagles.