Commish for a day: No cold Super Bowls

Our divisional bloggers discuss one thing they'd change as commissioner for a day:

If I were NFL commissioner for a day, they wouldn't like me very much in Indianapolis or New Jersey. Because as much as I like both of those places, neither is the right place for a Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl should be in Miami or New Orleans or San Diego or even Phoenix -- places where February weather isn't going to have a chance to play havoc with the weeklong festivities that make it the most critical event of the year for the league. We saw what happened this year in Arlington, Texas, for goodness' sake, where the first-time host city botched every single aspect of its hosting responsibilities amid an ice storm for which it wasn't prepared. It shouldn't have had to be, and nobody in the NFL should be having to worry about similar weather in Indy next year or New Jersey in 2014.

It just doesn't make sense. This is the NFL's signature event. You fly in your biggest sponsors. You court big-name celebrities. You get a week's worth of international attention before the game even starts. Why would you want to hold all of that in a place where people might not want to go in February? Let alone a place they might not even be able to get to if they wanted to go?

And in the case of the New York/New Jersey Super Bowl, you're messing with game day itself. I live 20 minutes from the Meadowlands. The weather is awful here in February. Plain awful. Why, if you're the NFL, would you want even a 1 percent chance that a snowstorm or an ice storm or some miserable combination of both could mess up Super Bowl Sunday?

The whole idea is a byproduct of the inane notion that every NFL city should have a chance at hosting the Super Bowl. Hogwash. Was it that important to have one in Jacksonville? Places like Miami and New Orleans know what they're doing. There are good reasons it's been in those places so many times. Weather is a big one. The NFL has a winning formula in place for its biggest event of the year. It makes no sense to me why they insist on messing with it.