Breakfast links: Cary Williams, normal person

Happy Wednesday to all. Anybody else hoping Jerry Jones is giving interviews again today?


Philadelphia Eagles

I listened in on Cary Williams' post-practice news conference Tuesday, and I have to say it's refreshing to hear a perspective that doesn't conform to the established, macho NFL norm. The simple facts are that the practices Williams skipped were voluntary and that if he wanted to skip them for any reason whatsoever -- his daughter's dance recital or picking out sconces -- then he had the right to do so without everybody climbing all over his case about it. If Williams struggles this year and you want to blame it on insufficient May practice attendance, feel free, but I won't join you. I applaud someone whose priorities can occasionally stretch beyond his workplace.

If DeSean Jackson is going to fire Drew Rosenhaus as his agent, Rosenhaus is going to make him pay for it. A report from Yahoo! Sports says Rosenhaus is seeking $400,000 from Jackson to settle unpaid loans.

Washington Redskins

This time last year, a lot of Redskins fans were asking whether Jarvis Jenkins was ready to contribute more on defense after missing his rookie season with an injury. Jenkins believes the answer may finally be "yes" on a level for which Redskins fans were hoping.

Redskins general manager Bruce Allen had a special connection to the late Deacon Jones -- to the extent that he once referred to Jones as "my oldest brother." Allen was clearly affected by Jones' death earlier this week.

Dallas Cowboys

Todd Archer thinks the events of Tuesday, in which Jerry Jones and Bill Callahan revealed that Callahan is taking over offensive play-calling duties and Jason Garrett declined to confirm that, is the latest example of owner-driven dysfunction that makes it hard for the Cowboys' coach to do his job. As you know, I think everyone's overreacting as usual with the Cowboys. But I respect that Todd has spent far more time around the team than I have, and his analysis is always worth incorporating into our assessments of Cowboys matters.

Still recovering from a surgery that removed a cyst in his back, Tony Romo is unlikely to be ready for the Cowboys' mandatory minicamp next week. The Cowboys still expect Romo to be ready in time for training camp and the regular season without any trouble.

New York Giants

Former Giants great Michael Strahan called Deacon Jones "one of those guys you never thought would die," and shared some of his own memories of the sack artist he described as a mentor.

Talk about news you can use: What do you Giants fans think about the idea of free parking on game days? Could be a rare case of New Jersey politics working in favor of the regular ol' citizens.