Eagles next to open camp

Rookies and selected veterans will report to Eagles camp today and hold their first practice Tuesday at 8:45 a.m. ET. Daily News beat writer Les Bowen has 20 questions for us to ponder this morning, and some of them are pretty intriguing. Here's what Les wrote about the cornerback position:

Next to Stacy Andrews, no 2009 newcomer expected to start in 2010 faces more skeptics than Ellis Hobbs. Among those not blown away by Hobbs' half-season of work was Joselio Hanson, who feels he has just as valid a claim as Hobbs on the starting spot opposite Asante Samuel, and Jose might have a point. Speaking of Samuel, if the answer is "Roy Halladay and Asante Samuel," then the question must be "name two Philly athletes getting paid a lot of money, who have thrown no-hitters." It would be easier to appreciate the plays Samuel makes -- and he does make them -- if he didn't have to line up in another zip code every snap.

By the way, here's a helpful guide to attending Eagles camp, courtesy of the folks at Philly.com.